Cheap price Active Stylus Pen for Drawing, 2 in 1 Capacitive Screen Touch Pencil With 1.45mm Fine Point Copper Tip for Tablet PC iPad Pro

Active Stylus Pen for font b Drawing b font 2 in 1 Capacitive Screen Touch Pencil
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1.Universal 99% Touch Screen Devices — Whatever your tablet PCs, Mobile Phones, the Brand is, all you can use our stylus and Non-compatibility issues, it’s no need do the pairing, Compared to the Bluetooth capacitive touch pen will have some differences in Precision. You need to practice writing until you get used to it, you will recognize the benefit.

2.2 in 1 Electronic Pencil for taking notes in college — One side with a 1.45mm Copper tip, we recommend to use at home or in everyday life, As the metal tip and touch screen collide will make a small sound. The other end with a cloth mesh non active tip, you can use it in college classes or library.

3.8-10 hours working time(Full charging), Enough to use it a whole day. — Rechargeable with 3.7v 140mah lithium battery, 1 hour the full charging time. You can use computer, powerbank, Adapter to do the charge, we recommend to use 5V 1A charger (DO NOT USE THE 5V 2A Power).

4.Compatible APPs — We recommend ProCreate, Paper, Sketchbook, Art Set and so. Depends on your devices, to choose the smooth and right one, Different APPs, in use will have different effects, but we have done our best to optimize the compatibility of the best writing, drawing, gaming, touching.

5.30 minutes — 30 minutes power protection to make sure your Lagava pencil own the enough battery. This feature will help you save the battery when you forget to turn off the power.

Note : Our Universal Lagava Pencils suit for iPad all models, the metal tip is 1.45mm, not like others brand pens which are 1.8mm even 2.0mm and can not work for iPad all.

— Universal for Tablet PCs, Mobile Phones, Car GPS — (Note : Not suitable for electromagnetic screen equipment)

Lagava pencil can be used for doing the touch instruction instead of your finger. A great grip, like a normal pen, best recommend it to anyone with arthritic hands. Also A big help when you have not got tiny fingers.

NO Bluetooth or APP pairing required. Just click the On/Off button before and after use.

you can use this stylus for note taking for school, or draws a lot as an artist

Multi-purpose 2 in 1 Electronic Pencil — the metal tip side is durable, pressure rebound design, to ensure that will not be damaged as a result of excessive force. And the other cloth mesh tip side you can replace it if you lost it. You can take it off to do the charge.

Material : Aluminum alloy

Effective distance : 1.6mm ( Offset 1-2 mm )

Not the normal pencils we use everyday, it can not be done in a point-to-point format

Battery : 0.518wh 3.7v 140mah

Working time : 8-10 hours

Full charge time : 1 hour ( 5V 1A )

Size : 147 x 9mm

#Active Stylus Pen for Drawing, 2 in 1 Capacitive Screen Touch Pencil With 1.45mm Fine Point Copper Tip for Tablet PC iPad Pro.
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Price:  US $88.44 / piece
Sale Price:  US $54.83 / piece