Cheaper PNBOO PA4 18″ (Diagonal Length) Ultra Thin(7mm) Tracing Light Box with 10 PCS A4 Sheets and 1 Drawing Glove

PNBOO PA4 18 Diagonal Length Ultra Thin 7mm Tracing Light Box with 10 PCS A4 Sheets
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Look at this PNBOO PA4 18″ (Diagonal Length) Ultra Thin(7mm) Tracing Light Box with 10 PCS A4 Sheets and 1 Drawing Glove from Check the best price promotion. This tablet is very liked by many people because unique design and durable in its use. Easy to use and easy to maintain. Look at the best product . If you want to buy a quality product and cheap, buy this product. The model is latest and durable to use.

1.Unique brightness adjust design: on/off button, brightness up/ down buttons, easily adjust screen brightness and convenient to use

2.Adopting the latest Constant Current Technology, no extra heat generation after long time using, keeping stable working temperature to extend the lifespan of the LED

3.Adopting advanced Backlight Technology, astigmatism film and the light guide plate guarantee high Illuminate Uniformity and perfectly protect eyes

4.Imported environment-friendly acrylic material, wear-resisting and pressure-resisting

5.Smartly memorize the brightness of your last use; Ultra Thin(7mm) ; 4 non slip mat on the back of the pad, more stable when use it on table; working life can last for up to 60,000 hours; one year warranty

Product Description

Product Highlights:
1) Unique brightness adjust design: Up/Down buttons
2) Professional dust-free workshop production, no dust and spots
3) Constant long time using with stable working temperature
4) Two line LED light beads(Up and down) , keep light uniformity

Product Specification:
Dimension(L x W x H): 356×265×7mm
Active area: 12.4″ x 8.6″
Scale size: A4 (315×220mm)
Light source: LED
Electric current:>500mA
Guide light way:High quality acrylic light panel
Net weight:0.79 KG
LED life cycle:10000-12000K
Power cable length:1.5m
Maximum life time:60000 hours
Rated power:6W
Light intensity:20-2000cd/m2
Warranty:12 months
Power adapter:AC 100V-220V 50/60Hz

Package contents:
1 x Tracing Light Box
1x AC adapter
1 x Anti-fouling Glove
10x A4 sheets
1 x User Manual

1) Professional Tracing in Animation and Cartoon
2) Architecture, Design and Drawing
3) Tattoo and Photograph Tracing
4) X-ray viewer in Hospital

#PNBOO PA4 18″ (Diagonal Length) Ultra Thin(7mm) Tracing Light Box with 10 PCS A4 Sheets and 1 Drawing Glove.
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Price:  US $56.99 / piece
Sale Price:  US $50.15 / piece